Workplace and community outreach.

AWISH offers on-site interactive presentations and kiosks which aim to educate employees, employers and those in the community on the better-known forms of arthritis, with tips on exercise and arthritis management.

Contact us to set up a kiosk or to schedule a presentation.

There are no fees for this service however, donations and letters of appreciation are most welcome.

Good to know

Ergonomics at the Office

Ergonomics is the science of matching the work to the worker. Office ergonomics include workstation design, job design and the work environment. A poor fit between the worker and the environment causes physical and psychological stress, which can result in physical health problems and injuries to muscles, joints and nerves.

Good ergonomics will benefit employees with:

· increased comfort,
· improved morale and job satisfaction, and
· improved work productivity.

Some general ergonomic tips to consider

· Look up and away from the monitor regularly, blinking your eyes to reduce eye fatigue.
· Avoid over-reaching, twisting and bending. Place frequently used work materials in a comfortable arc in front of you.
· Fitness and consistent use of good posture is important to maintain a healthy spine. Participate in a regular fitness activity for flexibility, strength and endurance.
· Regular work breaks can help prevent repetitive strain injuries by allowing time to stretch or change body positions. For continuous computer work, a break of 5 to 15 minutes per hour is generally recommended. Remember to alternate your tasks regularly.