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Two to three times per year and as part of its mandate, AWISH holds free information sessions with professional guest speakers working in the field of arthritis and rheumatology - doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, alternative therapy specialists, etc.  These presentations are open to the public and require no registration.

On occasion we organize full-day, open house conferences on arthritis, designed to inform a larger audience of the impact arthritis has on our daily lives and on the lives of those close to us. These meetings also help to debunk the notion that arthritis is a disease reserved for the elderly, that in fact it can touch anyone, at any stage of life.  In the West Island alone, over 40,000 people live with one form of arthritis or another and a large number of them are still in the workforce.  Renowned guest speakers, health care professionals and community service organizations are invited to our conferences and various information booths and testing stations are available on site.