Founded in 1987 and registered as a non-profit community service organization since 1990, AWISH serves those in the West Island and surrounding areas who suffer with arthritis and associated chronic pain. Through the process of Information, Education and Support, our mission is to aid you in achieving a better quality of life by providing much-needed tools and assistance through professional program facilitators and empathetic volunteers.  Contact us - we can help!

Tel: 514-631-3288  Email: arthritis@awishmontreal.org


Here you can see which of our services and programs (detailed below) are presently ongoing. When a special event is planned, this too will be posted in this area. (Click on image(s) to enlarge).  To read about arthritis-related news, special events and other pertinent announcements, follow us on Facebook:

EXERCISE - Daytime or Evenings

Research has proven that exercise is an excellent treatment for the aches and disability of arthritis.  A routine of certain exercises reduces pain and inflammation, increases range-of-motion and strength, and helps to fight depression.

See CURRENT ACTIVITIES for updated info

Led by qualified instructors during the day or evenings, our program consists of whole-body exercises which include light weights, aerobics, and stretching.  Each session ends with a relaxation period. Duration is 1.5 hours and everyone works at his/her own pace, with individual modifications (chairs for those who need them), depending on ability.  Free trial participation is offered for one class to determine if the program meets your needs.  A receipt for tax purposes is provided upon request.  Three locations:  Dorval, DDO and Pierrefonds.




AWISH support group leaders offer coping tips and education, and from a perspective of true understanding, provide reassurance to fellow participants.  Rheumatologists agree that support groups are important in proper disease management.  By talking to others afflicted by a disease similar to our own, we don't feel as alone in our illness.  We also glean new and different ways of dealing with our disease and the depression which sometimes can follow. Call us for further details.

See CURRENT ACTIVITIES for updated info
Caring and Sharing
Arthritis and chronic pain sufferers gather once monthly to discuss various issues related to their illness and the effects it has on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.  For members of AWISH and their partners.

For those living with Scleroderma, AWISH sponsors this very special support group for its members who suffer from this disease, including their partners or caregivers. Meetings are normally held once monthly.


See CURRENT ACTIVITIES for updated info
Two to three times per year and as part of its mandate, AWISH holds free information sessions with professional guest speakers working in the field of arthritis and rheumatology - doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, alternative therapy specialists, etc.  These presentations are open to the public and require no registration.

On occasion we organize full-day, open house conferences on arthritis, designed to inform a larger audience of the impact arthritis has on our daily lives and on the lives of those close to us. These meetings also help to debunk the notion that arthritis is a disease reserved for the elderly, that in fact it can touch anyone, at any stage of life.  In the West Island alone, over 40,000 people live with one form of arthritis or another and a large number of them are still in the workforce.  Renowned guest speakers, health care professionals and community service organizations are invited to our conferences and various information booths and testing stations are available on site.


Workplace and community outreach.

AWISH offers on-site interactive presentations and kiosks which aim to educate employees, employers and those in the community on the better-known forms of arthritis, with tips on exercise and arthritis management.

Contact us to set up a kiosk or to schedule a presentation.

There are no fees for this service however, donations and letters of appreciation are most welcome.

Good to know

Ergonomics at the Office

Ergonomics is the science of matching the work to the worker. Office ergonomics include workstation design, job design and the work environment. A poor fit between the worker and the environment causes physical and psychological stress, which can result in physical health problems and injuries to muscles, joints and nerves.

Good ergonomics will benefit employees with:

· increased comfort,
· improved morale and job satisfaction, and
· improved work productivity.

Some general ergonomic tips to consider

· Look up and away from the monitor regularly, blinking your eyes to reduce eye fatigue.
· Avoid over-reaching, twisting and bending. Place frequently used work materials in a comfortable arc in front of you.
· Fitness and consistent use of good posture is important to maintain a healthy spine. Participate in a regular fitness activity for flexibility, strength and endurance.
· Regular work breaks can help prevent repetitive strain injuries by allowing time to stretch or change body positions. For continuous computer work, a break of 5 to 15 minutes per hour is generally recommended. Remember to alternate your tasks regularly.


The AWISH newsletter, Joint Effort, is published on a quarterly basis and distributed to our membership and to several of our important contacts, such as: medical professionals and establishments, community service organizations, local politicians, libraries.  If you are interested in becoming a member and receiving Joint Effort, please contact our office.  Here is a sampling of our most recent edition.  (Click on image(s) to enlarge)


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